In this episode, Evan and Rena get ready to play Fantasy Survivor! They break down the rules and scoring they will be playing by and draft their teams.

Here is the point system we will be using:

1 Point: Attend Tribal Council, but do not get voted out
2 Points: Win Immunity (Tribal or Individual)
2 Points: Play a Hidden Immunity Idol
2 Points: Play extra vote (or other advantage)
5 Points: Participate in Final Tribal Council
2 Points: Each vote for you at Final Tribal Council
-10 Points: Quitting the Game
2 Points?: Getting the Wigley(?) on Survior KIAs

Here are our draft picks:
#1 (Rena): Jeff
#2 (Evan): Kelley Wentworth
#3 (Evan): Monica
#4 (Rena): Spencer
#5 (Rena): Ciera
#6 (Evan): Tasha
#7 (Evan): Andrew
#8 (Rena): Vytas
#9 (Rena): Peih-Gee
#10 (Evan): Shirin
#11 (Evan): Stephen
#12 (Rena): Jeremy
#13 (Rena): Kass
#14 (Evan): Kimmi

Which makes our team linups:

The Meat Collectors (Rena) Team Basically a Badass (Evan) Team Bruce Kanegi (undrafted)
Jeff Varner
Spener Bledsoe
Ciera Eastin
Vytas Bauskauskas
Peih-Gee Law
Jeremy Collins
Kass McQuillen
Kelley Wentworth
Monica Padilla
Tasha Fox
Andrew Savage
Shirin Oskooi
Stephen Fishbach
Kimmi Kappenberg
 Abi-Maria Gomes
Joe Anglim
Keith Nale
Kelly Wiglesworth
Terry Dietz
Woo Hwang

Here is the Weasel Woo article we mentioned:

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In this episode, Evan and Rena place the seasons they watched this summer into their overall season rankings!

Below are the updated rankings, stop reading if you want to listen first:

Evan’s Rankings:

Strategy: 50% Entertainment: 25% Winner: 15% Je Ne Sais Quoi: 10%
1  Micronesia  Micronesia  China – Todd Herzog  Amazon
2  Worlds Apart  Panama  Tocantins – JT Thomas  Borneo
3  Amazon  China  Borneo – Richard Hatch  China
4  China  Amazon  Worlds Apart – Mike Holloway  Tocantins
5  Panama  Tocantins  Australia – Tina Wesson  All Stars
6  Tocantins  San Juan Del Sur  Micronesia – Parvati Shallow  Micronesia
7  All Stars  All Stars  Panama – Aras Baskauskas  Australia
8  San Juan Del Sur  Australia  All-Stars – Amber Brkich  Worlds Apart
9  Australia  Worlds Apart  San Juan Del Sur – Natalie Anderson  Panama
10  Borneo  Borneo  Amazon – Jenna Morasca  San Juan Del Sur

Evan’s Overall Rankings:

Season Score
1  Micronesia  2.25
2  China  2.95
3  Amazon  4.1
4  Worlds Apart  4.65
5  Tocantins  4.95
6  Panama  5.2
7  All Stars  6.95
8  San Juan Del Sur  7.85
9  Australia  7.95
10  Borneo  8.15

Rena’s Rankings:

Strategy Entertainment Winner
1  Cagayan  Pearl Islands  Tocantins – JT Thomas
2  Tocantins  Amazon  Australia – Tina Wesson
3  Pearl Islands  Cagayan  Cagayan – Tony Vlachos
4  Amazon  China  China – Todd Herzog
5  Worlds Apart  Tocantins  Africa – Ethan Zohn
6  China  San Juan Del Sur  Thailand – Brian Heidik
7  Vanuatu  Marquesas  Pearl Islands – Sandra Diaz-Twine
8  Marquesas  Vanuatu  Worlds Apart – Mike Holloway
9  Africa  Worlds Apart  Borneo – Richard Hatch
10  All Stars  Australia  San Juan Del Sur – Natalie Anderson
11  San Juan Del Sur  Borneo  Vanuatu – Chris Dougherty
12  Thailand  Africa  All Stars – Amber Brkich
13  Australia  All Stars  Marquesas – Vicepia Towery
14  Borneo  Thailand  Amazon – Jenna Morasca

Rena has rewatched Survivor: Vanuatu! She recaps the season, in its entirety to Evan, who hasn’t seen it since it aired. We talk about future returnees Eliza and Ami; we talk about the winner, Chris, and the road he took to get there; and we talk about Julie Berry, possibly the greatest player to never return.

Evan and Rena talk about the penultimate episode of Survivor: China, spend a disproportionate amount of time talking about Peih-Gee Law, and talk about her chances on the upcoming Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance!

Evan and Rena talk about Survivor: China episode 11, including the infamous Dead Grandma Lie that wasn’t.

Evan has rewatched Survivor: Season 16: Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites and recounts it back to Rena in great detail.

Evan and Rena talk about Survivor: China Episode 10 and the downfall of James! Let us know your #SurvivorKaratePowerRankings by tweeting @survivorevan and @survivorrena!

Evan and Rena discuss whether you should eat the apple or just eat 7 cheeseburgers instead.

Evan and Rena chat about the first ever returning players season, Survivor: All-Stars!