Evan and Rena return from Hiatus in this, the first of the post-Computerpocalypse recovered podcasts! Rena fills Evan in on everything that happened in Pearl Islands and then updates her winner rankings.

Apologies for some of the audio quality in this one, I recovered it as well as I could.

Rena’s updated Season Rankings:

Strategy: Entertainment: Winner: Je Ne Sais Quoi:
1  Pearl Islands  Pearl Islands  Tocantins – JT Thomas  Borneo
2  Cagayan  Cagayan  Australia – Tina Wesson  Amazon
3  Tocantins  Amazon  Thailand – Brian Heidik  Pearl Islands
4  Amazon  Tocantins  Cagayan – Tony Vlachos  Worlds Apart
5  Worlds Apart  San Juan Del Sur  Africa – Ethan – Zohn  Africa
6  Marquesas  Marquesas  Pearl Islands – Sandra Diaz-Twine  Tocantins
7  Africa  Australia  Worlds Apart – Mike Holloway  Australia
8  San Juan Del Sur  Africa  Borneo – Richard Hatch  Marquesas
9  Australia  Worlds Apart  San Juan Del Sur – Natalie Anderson  Cagayan
10  Thailand  Borneo  Marquesas – Vicepia Towery  San Juan Del Sur
11  Borneo  Thailand  Amazon – Jenna Morasca  Thailand


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