In this episode, Evan and Rena get ready to play Fantasy Survivor! They break down the rules and scoring they will be playing by and draft their teams.

Here is the point system we will be using:

1 Point: Attend Tribal Council, but do not get voted out
2 Points: Win Immunity (Tribal or Individual)
2 Points: Play a Hidden Immunity Idol
2 Points: Play extra vote (or other advantage)
5 Points: Participate in Final Tribal Council
2 Points: Each vote for you at Final Tribal Council
-10 Points: Quitting the Game
2 Points?: Getting the Wigley(?) on Survior KIAs

Here are our draft picks:
#1 (Rena): Jeff
#2 (Evan): Kelley Wentworth
#3 (Evan): Monica
#4 (Rena): Spencer
#5 (Rena): Ciera
#6 (Evan): Tasha
#7 (Evan): Andrew
#8 (Rena): Vytas
#9 (Rena): Peih-Gee
#10 (Evan): Shirin
#11 (Evan): Stephen
#12 (Rena): Jeremy
#13 (Rena): Kass
#14 (Evan): Kimmi

Which makes our team linups:

The Meat Collectors (Rena) Team Basically a Badass (Evan) Team Bruce Kanegi (undrafted)
Jeff Varner
Spener Bledsoe
Ciera Eastin
Vytas Bauskauskas
Peih-Gee Law
Jeremy Collins
Kass McQuillen
Kelley Wentworth
Monica Padilla
Tasha Fox
Andrew Savage
Shirin Oskooi
Stephen Fishbach
Kimmi Kappenberg
 Abi-Maria Gomes
Joe Anglim
Keith Nale
Kelly Wiglesworth
Terry Dietz
Woo Hwang

Here is the Weasel Woo article we mentioned:

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