In this episode, Evan and Rena get ready to play Fantasy Survivor! They break down the rules and scoring they will be playing by and draft their teams.

Here is the point system we will be using:

1 Point: Attend Tribal Council, but do not get voted out
2 Points: Win Immunity (Tribal or Individual)
2 Points: Play a Hidden Immunity Idol
5 Points: Participate in Final Tribal Council
2 Points: Each vote for you at Final Tribal Council
-10 Points: Quitting the game (Score can’t go below 0)
2 Points: Win the Fishie

Here’s our Draft Order:

#1 (Rena): Joe
#2 (Evan): Max
#3 (Evan): Sierra
#4 (Rena): So
#5 (Rena): Tyler
#6 (Evan): Shirin
#7 (Evan): Rodney
#8 (Rena): Mike
#9 (Rena): Hali
#10 (Evan): Vince
#11 (Evan): Joaquin
#12 (Rena): Kelly

Which puts the starting lineups as:


Night Ranger(Evan) The Fighting Mongooses(Rena)
Max Joe
Sierra So
Shirin Tyler
Rodney Mike
Vince Hali
Joaquin Kelly

In the premiere episode of Outwit, Outpod, Outcast, Evan and Rena take a moment to introduce themselves, then proceed to analyze all 18 of the new players on Season 30 of Survivor: Worlds Apart. They give their thoughts on the White Collar, Blue Collar, and No Collar tribes, and each pick the player they expect to win, and the player they expect to be first to go.