In this episode, Evan and Rena talk big picture about Season 30 now that it’s in the rear view mirror; they rank the seasons they have seen recently; tease up some Season 32 spoilers (courtesy of @RedmondSurvivor); and give you an idea of their summer plans.

Below are our rankings of the seasons we have seen in the last year or so.

Evan’s Rankings:

Strategy: 50% Entertainment: 25% Winner: 15% Je Ne Sais Quoi: 10%
1  Worlds Apart  Amazon  Tocantins – JT Thomas  Amazon
2  Amazon  Tocantins  Borneo – Richard Hatch  Borneo
3  Tocantins  San Juan Del Sur  Worlds Apart – Mike Holloway  Tocantins
4  All Stars  All Stars  Australia – Tina Wesson  All Stars
5  San Juan Del Sur  Australia  All-Stars – Amber Brkich  Australia
6  Australia  Worlds Apart  San Juan Del Sur – Natalie Anderson  Worlds Apart
7  Borneo  Borneo  Amazon – Jenna Morasca  San Juan Del Sur

Evan’s Overall Rankings:

Season Score
1  Amazon  2.4
2  Tocantins  2.45
3  Worlds Apart  3.05
4  All Stars  4.15
5  San Juan Del Sur  4.85
6  Australia  5.35
7  Borneo  5.75

Rena’s Rankings:

Strategy Entertainment Winner
1  Cagayan  Cagayan  Australia – Tina Wesson
2  Tocantins  Amazon  Tocantins – JT Thomas
3  Amazon  Tocantins  Cagayan – Tony Vlachos
4  Worlds Apart  San Juan Del Sur  Thailand – Brian Heidik
5  Marquesas  Marquesas  Worlds Apart – Mike Holloway
6  Africa  Australia  Borneo – Richard Hatch
7  San Juan Del Sur  Africa  San Juan Del Sur – Natalie Anderson
8  Australia  Worlds Apart  Africa – Ethan Zohn
9  Thailand  Borneo  Marquesas – Vicepia Towery
10  Borneo  Thailand  Amazon – Jenna Morasca

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